Really Natural Reviews GeboMana

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GeboMana’s organic cotton T-shirts are a win-win for everyone! Not only do these shirts feature fashionable, hip designs made in Bali, they support sustainable education for children in developing countries…  (read more)


Hot Cake Fashion Reviews GeboMana

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They say it themselves: That’s a pretty powerful thought..Let the serenity of Bali come to you..I’ve just received a 100 % organic cotton T-Shirt from GeboMana with the little T-Shirt I also got a envelope with log in details and after connecting on their website you can end up giving a … (read more)

Time Square

Taxis, crowds, and billboards galore…Times Square is no place to monkey around!  But did you ever wonder, what if it was?  This shirt takes a stunning depiction of the urban jungle (literally) and hands it to you on a simple, organic cotton blend.  No monkey business. Go bananas and buy one for a friend or three!


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Walking in Brooklyn

Much like how the Brooklyn Bridge binds the fast-paced world of Manhattan with the more relaxed style of Brooklyn, this T-shirt connects Bali directly to New York, every time you wear it.

Screen printing appearing hand drawn is highlighted with 2-tone machine embroidery to add color and texture.


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Could T-shirts be the perfect gift?

What makes the ideal gift? How would you decide what the perfect gift would be for someone, for virtually anyone in fact? The answer is so simple it’s crazy. Think about it – what does virtually everyone wear all year round – besides underwear because that’s too boring a gift to count! It’s a T-shirt!Think about it – everyone wears T-shirts. In the summer when it’s hot, people wear a T-shirt. When it’s cold and wet outside people layer up, but what do they wear under their winter woollies? Answer – a T-shirt! No matter what the weather, no matter what time of the year it is, everyone wears T-shirts! Women, men, children of all ages – almost everyone wears a T-shirt!

Something that raises the humble T-shirt above the mediocrity of mundane gifts like socks is the extent of endless designs offered. Sure you can change the designs of socks, but the fact is that socks are just a bit… dull.

With T-shirts you can help your loved one express themselves with quirky or unusual designs. There are limitless designs to choose from, with different colours and images. You can make the gift of the humble T-shirt really personal and individual simply by selecting the perfect design for them.

Who could ask for better than this; a real personal and thoughtful gift? It’s a blessing. What’s even better is that T-shirts are so reasonably priced. By buying T-shirts as gifts for people you can save yourself a tidy sum, especially when buying gifts for several people.  In this current economic climate, who can ask for better than that – and your loved ones will all appreciate your well thought out gift.

Tribal Liberty

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of fashion! Help us put a modern spin on a timeless classic with our “Tribal Liberty” T-Shirt! Freedom comes in all sizes, on a soft, organic cotton shirt.

See the statue in many colours emblazoned on your back using high quality screen print.

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The Fan Red

If there’s one thing that the villagers of Bali have mastered, it’s recognizing the power in knowing when to simply relax! Show off your relaxation skills with this simple, commanding, (and amazingly relaxing) soft cotton “The Fans” T-shirt! After all, you’ve earned an afternoon of rest. Spend it in style!

Special techniques have been utilized to make this screen print appear like a batik effect.

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